Cobham 80th Anniversary, 1934 - 2014

Acquisitions & Disposals

Disposals 2016
Oct-16 TeleRob €11m 
Jan-16 Surveillance Businesses US$10m
Disposals 2015
Dec-15 Metelics Business US$38m
Nov-15 Composites Businesses US$200m
Jun-15 Weinschel and Inmet US$80m
Acquisitions 2014
Sep-14 Aeroflex Holding Corp. US$1,460m
Disposals 2014
Apr-14 General Aviation Displays and Aids Business US$15m
Acquisitions 2013
Jul-13 FB Heli Services £74m
May-13 Axell Wireless Limited £85m
Acquisitions 2012
Jun-12 Thrane & Thrane A/S £281m
Disposals 2012
Jul-12 US Emergency Locator Beacon Business US$78m
Jul-12 European Emergency Locator Beacon Business Nominal
Acquisitions 2011
Oct-11 Trivec-Avant Corporation US$144m
Feb-11 Corp Ten International Inc. US$24m
Jan-11 Telerob €78m
Disposals 2011
Dec-11 Cobham MAL Ltd. Nominal
Nov-11 Analytic Solutions US$350m
Feb-11 Engineering Consultancy Group £13.5m
Acquisitions 2010
Dec-10 R Vision US$48m
Acquisitions 2009
Dec-09 Safelife Systems US$0.6m
May-09 Argotek Inc. US$36.25m
Disposals 2009
Mar-09 M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MTS) US$90m
Acquisitions 2008
Oct-08 Global Microwave Systems Inc. US$26m
Sep-08 M/A-COM division of Tyco Electronics US$425m
Jun-08 SPARTA Inc. US$441m
Apr-08 MMI Research Ltd £19m
Feb-08 Sensor & Antenna Systems, Lansdale Inc. US$243m
Jan-08 S-TEC Corporation US$37m
Acquisitions 2007
Dec-07 ADDE US$4.5m
Aug-07 Patriot Antenna Systems US$45m
Acquisitions 2006
Jun-06 Domo Ltd £18m
Feb-06 Aerodata Flight Inspection GmbH €6.9m
Disposals 2006
Nov-06 Chelton Applied Composites AB SEK55m
Jul-06 Draeger Aerospace GmbH €45.7m
Jun-06 Slingsby Aviation Limited £1.7m
May-06 Atlas Composites Limited £0.6m
Apr-06 Precision Antennas Limited £15.4m
Mar-06 Wallop Defence Systems £33.2m
Acquisitions 2005
Sep-05 Tracstar Inc. US$9m
Jul-05 Microwave Development Company US$14m
Jun-05 Vector Fields Limited £2m
Jun-05 H Koch & Sons Co US$51m
May-05 REMEC Defense and Space Inc US$257m
Feb-05 Mastsystems Internation Oy €12m
Jan-05 WA Systems Limited £3m
Jan-05 TCRMA €0.5m
Disposals 2005
Dec-05 FR Countermeasures Inc. £3.5m
Nov-05 Fluid and Air Division £148.3m
Aug-05 Products division of Cobham Fluid Systems £7.9m
Acquisitions 2004
Dec-04 Temex SA €7.7m
Oct-04 Spectronic Denmark A/S DKr225m
Apr-04 NEC Aero SA €4.5m
Apr-04 DTC Communications Inc US$48.2m
Mar-04 Pentar Avionics C$3.8m
Jan-04 Precision Antennas Limited £3.1m
Acquisitions 2003
Nov-03 Harrison Division of Sierracin Corporation US$10.4m
Oct-03 Transaustralian Air A$25.1m
Oct-03 Nauticast AG €3m
Oct-03 ERA Technology Limited £38.3m
Sep-03 SeaTel Inc US$35.1m
Aug-03 Litton Life Support unit of Northrop Grumman Corporation US$76m
Jul-03 Thales Antennas Limited £5.5m
Jun-03 Novatech Designs Limited C$1.4m
Jun-03 Draeger Aerospace GmbH US$28.4m
May-03 Atlas Composites Limited £1.7m
May-03 dB Systems Inc US$5.6m
Jan-03 Orion Electronics Limited C$14m
Jan-03 Xybion Sensor Positioning Systems Division US$1.4m
Disposals 2003
Dec-03 Westwind Air Bearings £21.25m
Acquisitions 2002
Dec-02 LPC Rovis £32.1m
Nov-02 Applied Composites AB SEK40.8
Jul-02 Product Line from Universal Propulsion US$0.7m
May-02 Coefi SA €0.8m
Apr-02 Aerolec Pty A$0.6m
Acquisitions 2001
Nov-01 Hyper Industrie SA and Hyper Numeriques SA FRF11.45m
Sep-01 Micromill Electronics Limited £4.1m
Aug-01 Product Line from OCEM Avionics Corp US$1.5m
Jun-01 Sierra Flight Systems US$25.2m
May-01 Airtron Microwave Product Line from Litton Industries US$15.7m
Mar-01 Seimac Limited C$15.5m
Feb-01 Omnipless (Proprietary) Limited £40.8m
Jan-01 Team SA FRF98.7m
Acquisitions 2000
Dec-00 BAE Systems (Power and Control) £65.7m
Dec-00 Salies SA FRF43m
Nov-00 Product Line from Datron Systems US$4.3m
Jun-00 Product Line from Socata SA in France FRF6.9m
Apr-00 Halleria (Pty)'s SART £0.5m
Apr-00 Chelton Radomes £9m
Apr-00 National Jet Systems AUD63.5m
Feb-00 Culham Electromagnetics and Lightning £2m

Acquisition & Disposal values shown include all deferred and contingent consideration potential at the date of signing, whether or not this was subsequently received/paid.